Master Winter Mornings: How To De-Ice Your Windscreen

Don't let frosty mornings leave you running late!

Monday 4th of December 2023 16:30 GMT

3.5 minute read

In this article we'll explore the Do's & Don'ts of windscreen defrosting!

De-ice Windscreen

Ah, winter mornings – a picturesque canvas of frost, but for your car, it's a chilly challenge. Fear not, intrepid driver! We've got your back with some top-tier tips to gracefully de-ice your beloved vehicle without a hitch.

1. Early Birds Catch the Warmth:

Waking up a bit earlier isn't just about beating the morning rush; it's your secret weapon for a frost-free start. Picture the dawn – the first rays of sunlight gently kissing your icy windshield.

By firing up your car's engine early. You're not just saying hello to a cold start; you're giving your vehicle a backstage pass to a gradual warm-up. It's like nature's way of joining your de-icing mission.

Sure, hitting the snooze button is tempting, but those extra minutes won't do much for your frosty situation. Being an early bird means witnessing the frost's retreat in real-time – a front-row seat to a natural spectacle.

So, set that alarm a bit earlier. Embrace the quiet charm of the early morning, and turn the frosty start into a calm prelude to a smooth winter drive. Rise and thaw – it's a small price for a hassle-free journey!

2. Ice Scraper, Your Loyal Companion:

In the frosty battleground of winter mornings, the ice scraper emerges as your loyal companion, ready to take on the icy challenge. Designed specifically for the task of de-icing your car windscreen, this handheld hero is compact and easy to wield. Its sturdy construction ensures durability, making it a reliable ally throughout the winter season.

When engaging in the battle against frost, it's essential to adopt a strategy with your ice scraper. Rather than bashing away at the ice, opt for a smoother, controlled swipe. This technique not only efficiently removes the frost but also minimises the risk of scratches on your car windscreen.

3. Air Con – Not Just for Summer:

Surprise! Your car's air conditioning is a winter warrior too. Switch it on, directing the warm air towards your windscreen. This nifty trick helps remove moisture from the air inside, preventing future frosty surprises.

4. Warm Water – But Not Boiling:

Hot water can be a saviour, but ditch the boiling stuff. Lukewarm water is kinder to your car's glass, sparing you the heartbreak of a shattered windscreen.

5. DIY De-Icer Magic:

Mix one-part rubbing alcohol with two parts water and voilà – your DIY de-icer. Spray this concoction on icy surfaces for a quick thaw. Just remember, moderation is key.

6. Credit Card Chronicles:

Misplaced your ice scraper? your trusty credit card can step in. Slide it gently across the frost, ensuring you're not using your prized card collection but rather an old one.

7. Blanket of Cardboard:

Place a sheet of cardboard over your windscreen overnight. In the morning, whisk it away, taking most of the ice with it. It's like giving your car a cozy winter blanket.

8. Windscreen Wipers at the Ready:

Your windscreen wipers aren't just for rain. Lift them up before the frost sets in. This small action prevents them from sticking and aids in a smoother defrosting dance.

9. CD Cases to the Rescue:

Top tip: Remember those ancient CD cases gathering dust? Grab one and use its sturdy edge as a makeshift ice scraper. It's a win-win – decluttering and defrosting in one go.

10. Embrace Tech with Remote Start:

If your car boasts remote start capabilities, utilise them. Start your car from the comfort of your warm abode, letting it defrost without you feeling the chill.

Don'ts: Pitfalls to Avoid in De-Icing

1. Boiling Water Blunder:

  • Don't use boiling water; it can lead to thermal shock, risking damage to your windscreen.

2. Metal Tools:

  • Don't use metal tools, like spatulas or crowbars, as they can scratch your glass and damage your Paintwork.

3. Neglecting Windows:

  • Don't just clear a small porthole for visibility; ensure all windows, side mirrors, and lights are free from frost.

4. Over-Revving:

  • Don't rev up your engine excessively; a gradual warm-up is kinder to your vehicle.

5. Ignoring Wipers:

  • Don't forget to lift your wiper blades before the frost sets in to prevent them from sticking.

Winter mornings may test your mettle, but armed with these tips, you'll be the hero of your frost-covered saga. So, don your winter gear, grab that ice scraper, and conquer the icy frontier. Your car will thank you with a purr of gratitude as you embark on another winter adventure. Safe travels!

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