Pre-Journey Checks

In this article you will find out if your car is road ready!

Tuesday 4th of July 2023 09:00 BST

2.5 minute read

Discover essential pre-long journey car checks for a smooth and safe trip. Learn how to ensure proper tire inflation and maintain sufficient tread depth.

Pre-Journey Checks

Ready for a road trip? Before you hit the open road, it's crucial to give your car a quick once-over.

Don't worry, it won't take long! In this article, we'll guide you on the important and easy checks to do before setting off on a long journey.

Tyres: Give 'em a kick!

Before embarking on your long journey, take a moment to check your tyre pressure. Make sure you inflate the tyres properly and ensure that the tyre tread exceeds the legal limit.

Well-maintained tires provide better traction and a smoother ride, keeping you safe on the road.

Fluids: Pop the bonnet!

Open the bonnet of your car and check the oil level, coolant levels, and screen wash fluid levels. Adding more fluids keeps your engine lubricated, your car cool, and your windshield clean for a clear view of the road.

Lights: Shine bright!

A quick walk around your car is all it takes to check the lights. Test your headlights, fog lights, taillights, reversing lights, brake lights and indicators to ensure they are functioning properly. Well-lit lights keep you visible to other drivers, especially during night-time or adverse weather conditions.

Brakes: Give 'em a squeeze!

Your brakes play a crucial role in your safety. Before setting off, test your brakes to make sure they respond promptly and without any unusual noises. Reliable brakes are essential for stopping effectively and maintaining control while on the road.

Battery: Don't leave me hangin'!

Check your battery's charge and connections to avoid any unexpected surprises. A good battery ensures that your car starts easily. It also powers all the important electrical systems, such as lights and air conditioning. This ensures a comfortable trip.

Wipers: Rainy days, be ready!

Be prepared for rainy weather by checking your wiper blades are fully functioning. Ensure they are in good condition and effectively clear your windshield. Clear visibility is vital for a safe drive, especially when faced with heavy rain or a sudden downpour.

Belts and Hoses: Give 'em a wiggle!

Take a quick look at your car's belts and hoses for any signs of wear or cracks. Damaged belts or hoses can lead to breakdowns and costly repairs. Identifying issues early on can save you from unexpected trouble during your trip.

Emergency Kit: Be prepared, buddy!

Pack an emergency kit with essentials like a spare tire, jumper cables, a flashlight, and basic tools. Being prepared for unforeseen circumstances ensures you can handle minor issues and stay safe until help arrives, if needed.

Snacks and Tunes: Fuel for the soul!

Long journeys can be made more enjoyable with tasty snacks and a curated playlist. Stock up on your favourite treats and create a playlist that sets the mood for your adventure. Stay energised and entertained throughout your trip.

Take a Deep Breath: Relax and enjoy the ride!

Once all the checks are done, take a moment to breathe and appreciate the upcoming journey. Buckle up, keep a positive mindset, and enjoy the ride. Remember, a relaxed and focused driver is a safe driver!

Performing these car checks will prepare you for your long trip. You will also feel confident knowing that your car is in good condition. Safe travels and enjoy the open road!

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