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Finance Options

At Direct Cars we have a unique approach to finance

Rather than trying to offer advice from a car salesman's perspective we actually have FCA compliant, SAF accredited independent finance specialists on site all day, every day that will help you find the best way to finance your new car. All of the Business Managers are experienced professionals fully trained on all of the options, products and schemes available from our primary lender MotoNovo, and all other lenders in the market currently providing motor finance.

Whether you are buying for yourself or your business, we can provide you with a tailor-made finance package to best suit your needs. Our expertise is available to all customers who are seeking the most competitive and practical way to take delivery of their new vehicle, even if it is just to compare their own quote to make sure they are getting the best deal on either finance packages or insurance products.

Explanation of Products

Personal Loan (PL)

The classic way of buying a car

Personal Loans are perfect for customers who need a little more help moving into a new vehicle or may want to add some extras to their new car. Our personal loans allow you to finance those extras as part of the same agreement and to clear any additional loan amount still due on your old vehicle once the valuation has been agreed. With a personal loan you will own your car outright from the start. The fact that there's no minimum deposit, just straightforward fixed monthly payments, keeps things simple.

Personal Loans are available in most cases, have fixed payments and can be settled at any time.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

The flexible way of buying a car

PCP is a great option for customers who want flexibility around their purchase and is currently the most popular way to finance your new car. Having made fixed monthly payments over the term of the agreement (anything between 36 and 48 months, you decide the term), you then have the choice of making a final payment to take purchase the car, handing it back to the finance company for a pre-agreed value with nothing else to pay, or part exchanging it and driving away with a new car. PCP is great for keeping your payments lower and often allows you to purchase a much newer or higher specification vehicle than by using normal finance.

PCPs are available on all cars up to 4 years old, have fixed payments and can be settled at any time.

Conditional Sale

The simple way of buying a car

Conditional Sale is a simple way to make purchasing a car affordable for large numbers of our customers with flexible loan terms of up to 60 months available and fixed monthly repayments to keep your budget on track. Similar to Hire Purchase, you will have full ownership of the vehicle once all your payments have been made with nothing else to pay, it's the most straightforward way to finance your new car.

Conditional Sale is available on all of our cars, has fixed payments and can be settled at any time.

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