Delivery Mileage Vehicles

These nearly-new vehicles fall into two categories:

  • Registered

    Despite being unused are classed as second hand (see pre-registered vehicles section)

  • Unregistered

    Delivery mileage cars which have been independently imported into the UK.

Imported vehicles originate from the same manufacturer production lines as those you would expect to see in any number of new car dealer showrooms across the country - not to be confused with 'grey imports', meaning vehicles registered and used elsewhere (usually Japan) before being shipped here.

Direct Cars have, for many years, offered excellent deals on an assortment of new European imports. Sold with the benefit of the manufacturer's warranty and first registration in the customer's name, the prices can often be over 20% less than sourcing a similar model from a franchised dealership.

You can see our entire range of Delivery Mileage Cars by clicking here.

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