Pre Registered Vehicles

Often a great opportunity to buy a new car at a used car price, pre-registered cars are not always readily available but when they do appear you can be sure of one thing, they sell very quickly.

What are pre-registered cars?

These are vehicles that are new and unused but have had a registration number allocated to them.

The registration document will show one owner, normally a motor dealer or trade related business.

Why do dealers pre-register cars?

Most new car dealerships rely on bonuses from their manufacturers to make selling new cars a viable exercise.

Sometimes a large bonus payment is triggered by registering a certain number of cars and this target can be achieved by pre-registering unsold vehicles.

These pre-registered cars must then be disposed of quickly and the most efficient route is to pass them onto reputable retailers such as Direct Cars.

Why are pre-registered cars cheaper?

Because these unused cars are sold at cost they can show savings of several thousands of pounds against the comparative new car retail price, sometimes as much as 20-30% lower, whilst still having the benefit of manufacturer warranty and that invaluable new car freshness.

Where to buy

Direct Cars have a number of different suppliers ensuring that, when the opportunity arises, pre-registered unused cars can be offered for sale here on site in Sheffield.

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