GAP Insurance

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance

Written off but not paid off? Don't keep shelling out

What if?

Due to an accident, fire or theft, your motor insurance company declares your car a write-off. Nightmare. And what if you used a finance agreement to buy a car that's declared a write-off before you've paid back all you owe? You may have to pay any outstanding monthly payments in one lump sum, on a vehicle you can no longer use!

Unless you're covered by GAP from Direct Cars.

Obvious Benefits

Finance GAP (which stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection) is a policy designed for people who choose to buy a car by taking out a finance agreement.

If your car is written off, Finance GAP pays the difference between the settlement made by your motor insurance company and the amount you still owe.


Purchase Price
Outstanding Finance
Insurance Payout
GAP Payout

You pay £26,500 for your car. Your car is written off. Your motor insurance company pays out £14,000 but you still owe £17,500 on your finance agreement. A Finance GAP payout of £3,500 makes up the difference.

Is there a maximum amount Finance GAP will payout?

Yes. The original purchase price of your car is the maximum amount. (Policy includes up to £250 or your insurance excess.)

Can the policy be transferred if I replace my car?

Yes, as long as the vehicle you replace it with comes within the price range specified in your schedule. In which case the remainder of your policy term may be transferred to a replacement vehicle. There may be an administration fee to pay and all transfers are subject to terms and conditions.

Real peace of mind

Finance GAP from Direct Cars is designed to relieve any anxieties you may have about making a finance agreement to buy a car. One of our Business Managers can tell you all you need to know about the product, so please don't hesitate to ask.