Service, Workshop & Aftersales

Direct Cars on site workshop facilities play an integral role in the demanding daily routine that a modern car supermarket will experience.

With so many manufacturers represented and such a varied stock mix, the emphasis must always be to maintain a well trained and well equipped team of technicians.

Modern vehicle technology is a world apart from the simple workings under the bonnet of a twenty year old car. The drive for more fuel efficient, more powerful and ever more environmentally friendly power plants has led to significant steps forward in all of these areas, but only by using a huge array of ultra modern systems and computer based management technologies to achieve these goals.

The modern workshop must contain the equivalent diagnostic and service equipment and more importantly the trained staff competent to use the technology to best effect.

Maintaining a high standard during both pre-delivery service and aftersales servicing means that our customers can be satisfied that their car is reliable, safe and checked to a professional level.

Having your vehicle serviced at Direct Cars does not affect any remaining manufacturer warranty.

Servicing & MOT

Maximise the lifespan of your vehicle by keeping it well maintained.

Small Service
Large Service

What's included in the menu services?

Small Service Large Service
Parts Renewal
Engine Oil Replace (In-Line With Manufacturers Guidelines)
Engine Filter Replace (In-Line With Manufacturers Guidelines)
Air Filter Replace
Fuel Filter Replace (Diesel Engines Only)
Spark Plugs Replace (Petrol Engines Only)
Driving Vehicle Into Workshop/Inside Vehicle
Handbrake Check Operation/Advise if Adjustment Required
Clutch Check Operation/Advise if Adjustment Required
Windscreen & Glass Check for Damage
Washers & Wipers Check Operation/Adjust if Necessary
Exterior Lights & Trims Check Operation/Condition
Instrument Panel, Warning Lights & Horn Check Operation
Heating System, Heated Front & Rear Screens Check Operation
Air Conditioning Check Operation
Seat Belts Check Operation
Under Bonnet
Bonnet Catch Check Operation/Lubricate if Required
Wiring, Pipes, Hoses, Oil, Fuel & Brake Pipes Check Routing, Damage, Chafing & Leaks (where visible)
Engine Vacuum Pump & Cooling System Check Damage & Leaks (where visible)
Anti-Freeze, Washer, PAS & Brake Fluid Reservoirs Check/Top-Up as Necessary
Anti-Freeze Check Anti-Freeze Content
Auxiliary Belts Check Condition
Battery Check General Condition & Test
Automatic Transmission (if applicable) Check/Top-Up Fluid
Under Vehicle
Steering, Suspension Links, Ball-Joints & Gaiters Check for Damage, Wear & Security
Front & Rear Wheel Bearings Check Wear
Engine & Transmission Check Visible Damage & Leaks
Exhaust Check Condition, Damage & Leaks
Underbody Check Condition & Damage
Braking System With Wheels Off Check Condition of Pads, Discs & Calipers/Drums & Shoes
Wheels & Tyres
Tyres inc Spare Adjust Pressure, Check Wear & Condition
Wheel Nuts Tighten to Correct Torque