Why Choose Us?

Finding the right car, that can be easy. But finding the right dealer - that's another matter.

Why choose Direct Cars?


Established in 1996, one of the original car supermarkets in the UK, Direct Cars is now in its 28th year and enjoying continued success in a very competitive retail environment. With a solid reputation built on some firmly established core principles we boast a database of no fewer than 135,000 customers.

The Experience

The overwhelming trend when you analyse our customer reviews is quite obvious -
people actually enjoy the experience of buying a new car from us.

Why? Because we don't believe customers want pressure, or hassle, or any of those tired old sales techniques - all they really want is a friendly atmosphere, some professional advice, a helpful hand, and most of all: to enjoy the experience.

We rely on customer retention and we rely on customers recommending us to their family and friends, these are valued sources of our everyday business and we aim to continue making the car buying experience an enjoyable one.

Customer Service

Good customer service is an integral part of building and maintaining an impressive reputation that has stood for over 20 years.

Excellent customer service is part of the Direct Cars DNA.
It's grown as the company has grown and forms part of our continued success.

From the critical test drive through to collection and on to the aftersales, our reliance on good service helps provide our customers with peace of mind that brings them back to buy, time and time again, recommending us to family and friends and happily endorsing their great experience in the huge number of positive and informative testimonials that we receive and publish.

Service Department

An important part of any dealership, even more so at Direct Cars is our Service Department. Unlike many dealers our service department is tasked with looking after the cars we sell and the customers who own them.

For many years our Loyalty Card Scheme, in which all car buying customers are eligible to join, has prioritised loyalty card holders getting the best service, special offers and discounted rates.

With continued training and up to date technical equipment our service technicians are fully capable of maintaining and repairing the varied models we sell.

Constant investment in this important department maintains a high standard of servicing capability and yet more peace of mind for our customers.

Part Exchange

By far the easiest route for disposing of your car, we will be more than pleased to offer you a great part exchange price.

The process is very simple and only takes a few minutes, no need to book an appointment, just pop in anytime - or use our online valuation form.

Our flexibility and pricing policy means that, in most cases, we can offer more than those online car buying services and makes collection of your new car all the easier.

Test Drive

You can test drive any number of cars before you buy, perhaps you have more than one on your wishlist. No problem.

We have dedicated sales advisers and test drive staff, all here to help and advise and make that all important choice that bit easier and that bit nicer as well.

You can even book online by viewing any of our cars for sale and filling in a simple form.

SAF Accredited Car Finance

We have a team, always on hand, to advise you on all aspects of car finance.

These business managers are SAF Accredited ensuring that their knowledge of the car finance market is second to none. They have access to several of the biggest names in vehicle funding as well as numerous types of finance options.

Nearly half of all our customers choose to use their professional advice and fund their next vehicle using one of the competitive, fair, and flexible options they recommend.